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Someday we’re going to do a tour of Durham taquerias, but here’s just one for now. La Vaquita (2700 Chapel Hill Rd–it has a cow on the roof, so hard to miss) is a little taco shack with awesome tacos, and there’s a tiny store next door that’s packed with produce. There’s no seating (or interior, you order from a window) except for a couple of outdoor tables under an overhanging roof. The guy working there when I went recently was extremely nice; we asked him if he had licuados (a smoothie type thing) and he made me one even though it wasn’t on the menu. (He offered banana, strawberry, or chocolate, and the strawberry was delicious.) The tacos are also great, of course, and the menu helpfully tells you what animal each type comes from (though it doesn’t mention what part of the animal). You can ask for avocado, salsa, and probably a lot of other things to go on top, and they’re less than $2 each. It’s a good taqueria to start with, and about 5 minutes from the law school.

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  1. While everything our esteemed blogger reported on Vaquita is fair and accurate, there’s much more to this small taqueria than decent tacos. First of all, the mole. They say mole is the taste of Mexico, and the mole pablano at Vaquita is quite possibly the best I’ve ever tried. Do not leave Durham without trying this sweet, spicy, smokey, salty Mexican favorite. Second, the barbacoa. All I can say is wow. PERFECTLY seasoned, tender, served with fantastic tortillas. If you like Mexican and don’t check this place out, OR if you check this place out and only order a taco, I will find you and force feed you mole until you admit that you like it and apologize.

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  4. I’m a little bit behind on the whole La Vaquita bewitching. I was looking at their menu online, but wasn’t quite sure about the pricing.. How do the prices of the individual meats and hotdog get added to the price of the taco, quesadilla, etc. that you order?

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